Simple & No-Hassle

Fundraising with Wonder Oasis is the easiest thing your group can do! Once you partner with us, we will have you set up and raising funds with very little effort for you and your team.


No responsibility to take orders, handle money, or deliver products.

How it Works – 2 Easy Steps

Set up a unique online promo code with your Wonder Oasis Representative and receive special discount pricing for your fundraiser.
+ Earn $5 on every Blue Season Pass you sell!
Begin promoting your fundraiser to your group through flyers, social media, email campaigns, texts, etc.

We can even help you create this content!

Raise Funds & Funs!

That’s it! There really is no other work involved. Once your fundraiser has ended, you will receive a check back for a portion of the sales generated by your unique promo code.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Get in touch

If you received information about fundraising by email, simply reply to that email you received and we will get in touch. Otherwise, feel free to fill out the form below.